BIM – Making it Easier to Design Healthcare Spaces with Revit

At Ceiling Hoist Solutions we work tirelessly to support those who care for elderly patients and those requiring mobility aids.  First we launched the CHS App, which allowed builders, architects and therapists to access CHS products and services on the go. Now we have made it even easier to design spaces that cater for a variety of healthcare facilities such as hospitals, aged care and community or therapy areas. The answer – Building Information Modelling.

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Building Information Modelling (or BIM) is an intelligent 3D model-based process for the planning, design and construction of a wide variety of spaces.  By creating data families that show the workings of ceiling hoist systems, change tables and more, we have streamline the way architects and designers can create healthcare spaces efficiently and accurately. The files we now contribute to the design and development process will create greater consistency in design, ensuring smoother processes for developers & builders and more practical use of time and resources for planners and architects.  We can all enjoy the confidence that we are working on a consistent, industry standard BIM platform, and immediately measure the benefits. We know the needs of our clients, and BIM assists us to ensure that this knowledge is protected and put into action.

When designing any structure, a variety of specialists are needed.  Let’s use a hospital as an example: each area of the hospital may require specialised advice as the how to incorporate the necessary elements in the most strategic, practical and cost-effective way.  At Ceiling Hoist Solutions, we design fixed or portable ceiling hoist systems and curtain rail systems for a variety of areas within the hospital such as short stay, ICU, ED, ISO areas, Physiotherapy and Hydrotherapy areas and many more.  However, it is often difficult to get all of the expert stakeholders in the room at the one time to work together on design.  This is why we have chosen to create BIM data for you – so that it facilitates a forum for easy communication between all members of the design team.

The information database and 3D model created in BIM co-ordinates all work done by the various team members.  We all work on the same model.  When changes are made to the model, BIM changes with it, and can detects design clashes that might otherwise hold up the construction process, or led to less than optimal outcomes.  Thus, the design is as accurate as possible.

There are many hospitals and healthcare facilities across Australia where BIM has been incorporated to design new spaces.  Now we can ensure these types of designs receive the right advice about ceiling hoists and related products as well. It’s just another way that we are leading the industry, as we have since 1997.

Stay tuned in the future for the release of BIM files for Changing Places.


Download Now Ceiling Hoist Solutions_BIM Revit Content_Release1_2015