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We’ve talked to planners, architects & builders to find out more about their process, and how we can support them with tools that make their life easier.

Guidance on how to combine the right equipment with the space

CAD files of our products

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

Specialist Disability Accommodation

Changing Places

Changing Places Brochure

CAD files of our products
(BIM files available on request)

Ceiling Hoists

Prism Medical C450

Prism Medical C625

Prism Medical C800

Prism Medical C1000

CHS Stellar 440F

Portable Hoists

Etac Molift Nomad

Prism Medical P440

Prism Medical P600

Change Tables


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Hoist Connection Systems

Hoist Accessories

Weigh Scales

Quick Release Weigh Scale

Portable Weigh Scale


Large Floor Trolley

Small Floor Trolley

Carry Bars

Four Point (X Style) Carry Bar

Extra Wide Carry Bar

Rail Systems

Rail Profiles

CHS Slimline Rail

CHS Fineline Rail

CHS Piggyback Rail

Rail Curves

CHS Slimline Rail Curves

CHS Fineline Rail Curves

XY Systems

Gate Systems

Auto Gate System

Mounting Systems

Wall Post System

Single Stud Wall Bracket


Stellar Auto Turntable Powered

Quick Fit Turntable


Download brochure here

Multi Port Turntable Manual

Multi Port Turntable Powered

Floor Lifters

Carlo Eco Classic 185kg

Carlo Classic Aluminium

Invacare Birdie Compact 150kg SWL

Invacare Birdie 180kg SWL

Privacy Curtains & Screens

Ropimex Curtains & Screens

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General Purpose Sling

Care Head Support Sling

Care Toileting Sling

Silvalea Parasilk Sling

Free Standing Systems

L9000 Portable Free Standing Frame

Easy Track FS 200kg SWL

Custom End Stand Set

Standing & Transfer Equipment

The Independent Lifter Transfer Aid

Nora Eco Stand Up Lifter


Bath Accessories

Other Products