Points of Difference – CARLO Classic and CARLO ECO Floor Lifters

The CARLO Classic floor lifter features a higher lifting range than its ECO counterpart. Apart from this, it has a longer reaching distance, making it the prime choice for caregivers alike, whilst reducing unnecessary strain on those involved in laboring for the dependent and disabled. Reducing bodily strain is of prime importance in an industry as demanding as the medical industry, and, the use of the CARLO Classic floor lifter ensures this is upheld by featuring a four-point yoke, which also makes the patient transfer process more rationalized and safer.

To promote additional safety, the CARLO Classic floor lifter has higher-quality closed castors, which give it the preferred choice by those involved in the care of patients over using the CARLO ECO.

Choosing the right floor lifter has never been easier. Apart from all the important safety features withheld within its deceivingly small frame, the CARLO Classic plays a big part in ensuring that streamlined patient transfer is made a reality whilst preventing strain on caregivers, and, is significantly more aesthetically pleasing than the CARLO ECO version and doesn’t appear incongruent with its surroundings – the perfect addition to the environment of care.


The CARLO Classic features a four-point yoke which allows for safer patient transfer and decreased injury to those involved in care

Points of Difference – Nora and Nora ECO Floor Lifters

The NORA Floor Lifter contains a strengthened boom, which, compared to the NORA ECO version, is the more reliable, and, therefore the better choice when considering the safety of both caregivers and patients. With the primary focus on maximising the safety of both caregivers and patients, and, catering to the needs of taller residents, the NORA has 2 options for lifting points, thus making it significantly more versatile in an Aged Care environment, compared to the NORA ECO, which has a singular lifting option only.


The NORA Floor Lifter caters for taller residents, as well as the safety of those giving and receiving care.


Constructed of aluminum, with a weight of only 50 kilograms, the NORA is a lighter option than the NORA ECO, making it easier for caregivers to maneuver to patients requiring the floor lifter.

To enhance the experience of those providing care and those receiving care, safety can be assured in the transfer process as The NORA floor lifter features a higher-quality closed castors than the NORA ECO, which enhances the NORA’s reliability and high level of safety.  Apart from establishing itself as the safer and more preferred mobile patient handling hoist, the NORA also contains an aesthetic advantage over the NORA ECO, which allows for seamless addition to environments of care.


The NORA floor lifter has a aesthetic advantage over the NORA ECO – perfect for the inclusion into aged care environments




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