CHS Healthcare specialises in transfer solutions for children living with disabilities or physical needs, enabling inclusion and uninterrupted learning at schools and education centres. CHS Healthcare has completed more than 400 community and school projects across Australia. There are many applications of our products within education and learning facilities, including within classrooms, bathrooms, first aid rooms, pools and change rooms and even in outdoor areas. With a wide range of high quality products, we provide schools and learning facilities with bespoke solutions to meet their requirements.

Project Management

Whether it’s a new build, or refurbishment of an existing building, engaging with CHS Healthcare in the planning stages of a project will ensure installation and commission will go smoothly, to schedule and to budget. Our project team has years of experience working with designers and builders to streamline installation and minimise the impact of our installed equipment- particularly on ceiling space fittings such as ducts, lights, access hatches, sprinklers, etc. CHS Healthcare Project Management is a fee free service for our customers.

CHS Healthcare products are easy to use so your facility and students can maintain a level of independence and have more confidence in your school and themselves. All our products are designed for optimum comfort and accessibility and follow all Australian and International safety standards.