Project: Scope

Industry: Supported Accommodation

Location: Multiple locations across Victoria

Products Installed: Nora Stand Up Lifter, Ceiling and Portable Hoists, Floor Hoists, Slings

Date of Installation: 2008 – ongoing


About Scope

Scope is a disability service provider, supporting individuals with physical, intellectual or multiple disabilities and their families. Scope provides a range of services to enable people to achieve their goals, including therapy, lifestyle options, supported living, short term accommodation services and community inclusion and education.

Scope provides long-term, full-time care and support to residents in their supported accommodation houses in 49 locations across Victoria, as well as short-term services. No matter what type of stay, residents are encouraged to be a part of the Scope community, take part in social activities and learn valuable skills for independence. Their lifestyle options include day programs designed to provide residents with fun activities like cooking, walking, art and sports.


Working together for over 10 years

As a large organisation supporting over 500 individuals with a high need for support, Scope has a high demand for patient-handling equipment. Scope requires fit-outs of accessible bathrooms for their lifestyle program sites, short term accommodation houses and long-term supported accommodation houses. They also have a number of lifestyle program rooms where participants are hoisted out onto a change room table for massages, or hoisted onto the floor as part of a therapy program, requiring lounge room fit-outs. Additionally, the nature of their short-term programs means they always work with new individuals with diverse needs and different equipment requirements.


Supporting individuals requiring transfer aid

Scope has worked with CHS Healthcare for over 10 years as their supplier of transfer equipment across four major divisions of their company, each comprising multiple sites. Scope identifies the unique needs of each individual through a manual handling profile or risk assessment, and works with CHS Healthcare to choose the best transfer solutions for that person. Each time they change one of their facilities and install ceiling hoists, they contact CHS Healthcare for guidance and recommendations.

Scope often trials different hoists and equipment, such as ceiling hoists, portable hoists and standing hoists. The NORA Standing Hoist was trialled for a gentleman at a Scope site, to allow safe raising until he was standing upright. Scope’s feedback regarded how successful the NORA Standing Hoist was, and how much easier it was compared to older equipment they had on site. They have been recommending the NORA Standing Hoist to other participants on other sites, as it ticks all their boxes of keeping staff safe, being flexible and being easy to use.

CHS Healthcare has also visited Scope sites on multiple occasions to complete sling assessments, as Scope requires a variety of slings to suit the range of patient lifting activities they undertake. Each patient has a sling they are fitted to, made easy with the bank of various slings CHS Healthcare has given to Scope, so they can assess the people on-site themselves, then place the order with CHS Healthcare.


A long-standing relationship

As a result of the many successful years of working together, Scope and CHS Healthcare have developed a strong ongoing relationship. Scope has been extremely happy with the way CHS Healthcare has met all deadlines, helped with troubleshooting, completing all service and repairs, and training staff on how to use equipment. Scope also values that CHS Healthcare has been accommodating with various trial meetings, organised within one week’s notice, and recognise CHS Healthcare for their responsiveness and personal service. What keeps Scope returning to CHS Healthcare is the regard for staff safety and user-friendliness reflected in all product designs, ultimately benefitting their staff enormously.