CHS Healthcare has over 20 years’ experience in designing and providing patient transfer solutions to hospitals in Australia and has successfully completed more than 25 major hospital projects. Our products are used in diverse applications within hospitals including bariatric, CCU, emergency, ICU, maternity, and physiotherapy.

The manual handling of patients, and working with equipment that is difficult and laborious to use, can cause strain and injury to healthcare professionals and their patients. CHS Healthcare provides innovative and streamlined patient transfer and hygiene solutions that maximise workplace efficiency and minimises impact on the patient.

Product Portfolio

With a wide range of high-quality products, we’re able to provide hospitals with a tailored, packaged solution to meet all their needs. We are an exclusive distributor of leading international transfer solutions including the CHS Flexi-Link Connection System, Astor-Bannerman, Beka-Hospitec and OpeMed products, and the Integralift Hidden Hoist.

Project Management

Hospitals require thoughtful planning during the entire building process to ensure the best possible outcomes are achieved for patient and staff care. If you engage with CHS Healthcare during the planning stages, we can reduce the impact of incorrect and insufficient design and structural supports, and conflicting fittings such as ducts, lights, pendants, sprinklers, access hatches, etc.

We ensure our products, and your facilities, are performing at their optimal level by installing equipment in the best possible locations and making our clients aware of the latest products available to them on the market. Our streamlined products, short patient transfer times and solutions made for efficiency leave healthcare staff with more time to care for their patients.