Residential Care for Stan

Project: Residential Care for Stan

Industry: Residential

Products Installed: TurnAid


Project Overview

Stan has a fractured neck of femur, arthritis in his hip and lower limbs, anxiety and high blood pressure. Stan has a care package of two carers that visit daily to assist with personal care tasks, which include turning Stan in bed. Stan weighs 172kg and has minimal ability to participate in the task.


Key Challenges

As a result of Stan’s weight, the carers struggled with these tasks and so they were relying on Stan’s friend John who lives with him for help. John assisted with turning Stan and helped Stan to maintain a side lying position during personal care tasks.

John and the carers were having to support Stan’s weight for prolonged periods of time in the side lying position making the task challenging and not very dignified for Stan.


The Solution

The TurnAid was installed and a demonstration was carried out. TurnAid is an electrically driven turning sheet that slides a person towards the carers before turning them in bed.


The Outcome

The first roll carried out using the TurnAid allowed for a smooth turn from his back onto his side. The carers were able to turn Stan easily with one taking the lead and the second carer providing additional support as required. Due to the momentum of the TurnAid they were able to roll Stan further over on to his side resulting in them being able to place the wedge. This eliminated the need for carer support to maintain a side lying position.

During a follow up call soon after provision, John advised that he is able to use the TurnAid to turn Stan on his own during the day enabling Stan to be repositioned more frequently. The carers advised that they were benefitting greatly from the TurnAid as they were able to turn Stan without the need for additional assistance from John and were finding the task much easier to manage.