The Integralift


Despite its discreet appearance, the Integralift is a highly effective and finely engineered piece of equipment. Developed and manufactured in Europe, it boasts reliable mechanics and a robust build quality that will ensure year after year trouble-free operation. As well as its subtle appearance, the Integralift also provides time-saving conveniences such as permanent storage points for sling, spreader bar and remote control. It operates from mains power with battery backup, with optional down lights within the cabinetry. Safety is assured with the emergency stop function, combined with electric or manual emergency lowering options. Integralift has a 230kg SWL capacity.


  • When not in use, Integralift blends perfectly with interior décor, maintaining a tidy & pleasant environment
  • When the hoist is required, opening the door reveals the spreader bar & remote contact. Using the spreader bar as a handle, swing the boom arm into position over the patient
  • Now in position, the spreader bar is lowered using the remote control to enable attachment of the sling & then raised to allow a transfer
  • The boom arm is swung smoothly around to the desired transfer point & the remote control is again used to lower the patient to the new location.
  • Innovative cabinet-enclosed design
  • Looks like a bedroom, not a care facility
  • 230KG SWL
  • Emergency stop
  • Emergency lowering
  • Your choice of colours
  • Down lights optional