Carlo Comfort Aluminium EP 185


The Carlo Comfort Aluminium EP 185 uses the electrical positioning system (EPS) allowing the caregiver to place the resident in the exact position they want, without any effort or force. In this way the caregiver can focus entirely on the resident, providing an additional feeling of safety and maintaining at the same time an ergonomic working position.

The resident can be turned simply from a sitting into a lying position and vice versa, and can be placed in an optimal way in bed or on the toilet. Especially in the lying position, the resident will experience a clear pressure release in the legs. The anti-rotation mechanism allows for the patient to avoid involuntary rotation reducing uncomfortable rotating and swivelling movements.


  • Light device, since both chassis and lifting column are made of aluminium
  • Extra light and easy to move
  • Universal use, also appropriate for bathing and taking a shower
  • Eleccal positioning system (EPS) in order to place the resident exactly without additional force
  • Electrical height adjustment and electrically spreadable chassis
  • Hanger bar with anti-rotation mechanism (ARM)
  • A lot of space within the hanger bar
  • Cable remote control with indication of the status of the battery
  • Ergonomic and health protecting work, since manual lifting is not required
  • Battery and charging unit are appropriate for all BEKA Hospitec hoists
  • Wide choice of comfort slings (with clip) in different sizes
  • Optionally available with a calibrated patient scale


  • Chassis: 1.290 mm x 125 mm (L x H)
  • Width inside: 540 mm / 1.040 mm (closed/spread)
  • Width outside: 700 mm / 1,180 mm (closed/spread)
  • Total width of the lift: 700mm (chassis closed)
  • Lifting range: 1,400mm
  • Unit capacity: 185kg
  • Drive: 24V LINAK drive