Ceiling hoists are equipment designed to ease the movement of those with reduced mobility in hospital, nursing home and domestic environments. Continued development of hoist technologies has increased safety, affordability and ease of operation for both patients and caregivers. Key criteria to consider when choosing a hoist solution include transfer purpose and type, physical and cognitive condition of the patient, ability of the carer and environmental logistics. CHS Healthcare provides a complete range of hoist solutions for every situation.

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Patient Lifting Solutions

Patient Lifting Solutions (PLS) design, develop and manufacture ceiling hoists for all environments. Innovation has led to a PLS answer for any need in any place. PLS has combined design, innovative technology and reliability to create one of the most comfortable Ceiling Hoist Systems in the world. Their hoist solutions are dependable, user-friendly, low-noise and utilise smart software and innovative design to provide smooth motion and problem-free charging. Thanks to unique PLS Sensor Motion technology, the systems require no wall switches or rail contacts.

Fixed Hoists

For situations where a permanent mounted hoist is needed, fixed is the best variety. Installed on a track, fixed hoists are more fitting for independent individuals. In some environments, curved tracks, turntables, H tracks and switch tracks allow for further assisted transport. Our Fixed hoists deliver innovation, affordability and quality. Fixed ceiling hoists dramatically reduce injuries resulting from the handling of patients and residents in both institutional and home care settings. Our range of fixed hoists have been designed with a full set of standard features and can be safely operated by a single caregiver. Built for quiet operation, our hoists provide a smooth and effortless transfer.

Some of our fixed hoists are also available in a removable version, helping to address the need for more cost-effective, flexible and modular patient lifting systems.

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Portable Hoists

These are designed to be attached to and detached from ceiling tracks and moved between a number of rooms. The same hoist can be transported to other buildings if needed. They are generally lighter and more mobile to help with relocation. Our portable hoists are flexible and user-friendly. Our range of portable hoists are designed to give caregivers optimal support and enhance their working environment. CHS Healthcare supply best-in-class equipment to facilitate movement and handling of patients to reduce the need of heavy manual handling and lifting for carers.



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