Allegro Salsa

The Allegro Salsa 200, designed as an active standing aid, allows a single carer to raise a patient into a comfortable, secure standing position. Patient-friendly lift arms enable multiple grip positions during lift, while the height and angle adjustable contoured knee pad offers maximum lower limb support. With a small footprint, the Allegro Salsa is highly manoeuvrable, and with its high capacity safe working load of 200kg the Allegro Salsa is easy to use in an institutional or home environment. Featuring electric leg spread and a removable footplate, the Allegro Salsa is ideal for transferring patients between bed to chair or chair to commode. The Comfort stand-up sling which is padded and supportive, complements the Allegro Salsa lift action.


  • Electric Leg Spread
  • Height & Angle adjustable contoured knee pad
  • Removable footplate
  • Australian made

Technical specifications:

  • SWL: 200kg
  • Length of Base: 1050mm
  • External Base Width: 655mm
  • Internal Base Width Closed: 585mm
  • Base Width Adjustment: Electrical Adjustment
  • Under Bed clearance: 125mm
  • Min. Height Yoke: 825mm
  • Max. Height Yoke: 1670mm
  • Lifter Weight: 48.2kg
  • Min. Storage Height: 1200mm


  • Option for use with 4 point¬†sling