Carlo Classic Aluminium


The Carlo Classic Aluminium is extremely light but very stable, offering maximum safety and comfort. The lift is equipped with a 4-point sling bow, making it suitable for all loop slings, while also being provided with a safety locking mechanism to attach the slings. The Carlo Classic Aluminium is very mobile and reliable, able to support carers in everyday lifting and transfer routines.


  • Light construction, as the carrier frame and the lifting column are made of 100% aluminium
  • Lifting arm can be lowered to the floor by hand control for safe lifting of fallen patients
  • High-quality lockable STEINCO double castors
  • Electrical height adjustment and electrically spreadable carrier frame
  • Can easily pass underneath bathtubs and care beds
  • No unsettling pendular or rotational movements during lifting and transferring, with patent-pending adjustment option to reduce rotation
  • Extra light and easy to manoeuvre
  • Hand with display of the battery charge status control
  • Working in an ergonomic and health-orientated manner, as no manual lifting is required 4-point sling bow with safety locking mechanism
  • Battery and charger compatible with all BEKA Hospitec hoists
  • Large choice of comfortable loops slings of different sizes
  • Also available with patient scale


  • Carrier frame: 1.290 mm / 125 mm (length/height)
  • Inner width: 540 mm / 1.040 mm (closed/spread)
  • Outer width: 700 mm / 1,180 mm (closed/spread)
  • Total width of the lift: 700 mm (carrier frame closed)
  • Lifting range: 1,400 mm
  • Unit capacity: 185 kg
  • Drive: 24V LINAK drive
  • Power consumption: 1 ampere