Nora Eco

The Nora Eco is designed to improve mobility and provide a higher quality of life. The main characterisation of the Nora Eco is its light and innovative design, specifically for residents who still have the ability to stand for a short time with the help of supporting aids. This is the ideal device and the perfect tool for mobility and the transfer of patients as it is very easy to manoeuvre and creates no strain or damage to the spine of the nurse while transferring. It allows for remobilising in a targeted manner while also stabilising and improving the musculoskeletal system which will also improve circulation.


  • Flexible and soft knee pads with safety belts
  • High flexibility due to a new sling and ergonomic concept while lifting
  • Secured castors with two lockable ones
  • Ergonomic handles

Technical specifications:

  • Overall Height: 1168mm
  • Hight of carrier frame: 126 mm
  • Inner width: 897mm (closed)
  • Outer width: 700mm (closed)
  • SWL: 200kg