Disposable Positioning Sling


Disposable Slings are designed to be used by one individual and disposed of when the patient/resident no longer requires it or the sling is soiled. Label indicates when the sling is in need of disposal. Typical safe use ranges from 1 -3 months (dependent upon frequency of use). The Positioning sling provides the option of being permanently in place as part of the bedding. Made from resilient, breathable material, its twelve straps have three color-coded loops per strap, giving the caregiver maximum flexibility when positioning the head, torso and legs. This flexibility makes re-positioning and turning easy, quick and accurate. The Positioning Sling is excellent for transfers between horizontal surfaces.


  • For transfers between horizontal surfaces
  • Can be left permanently in place as part of the bedding
  • Three loops per strap give maximum flexibility with positioning head, torso and legs
  • Designed to be used by one individual

Technical specifications:

  • SWL: 272kg
  • Sizes available: 112 x 198cm
  • Colour: White
Disposable Positioning Sling