Easy Track FS

The EasyTrack FS is a free standing, versatile solution for all types of point-to-point transfers – wheelchair to bed, bed to chair, bathroom transfers or almost anywhere there is a lift and transfer need. EasyTrack FS has a safe working load of 200kg. Along with its height adjustable posts and the extendable rail which will span up to 3 metres, EasyTrack FS is ideal for almost any home. The Easy Track FS is designed to allow those with a mobility impairment the means to live at home and enjoy many of their normal activities.


  • Engineered to be assembled by one person in minutes
  • telescoping post & rail system
  • Spring Load Height adjustable
  • Automatic locking mechanism
  • Optional protective carry bags makes the system easy to transport
  • Bag Kit includes: 2 post bags, 1 base bag & 1 rail bag. Bag kits are also available individually

Technical specifications:

  • Height Adjustment: 1830mm – 2405mm
  • Overall Length: 2210mm – 3230mm
  • Inside Length: 1910mm – 2930mm
  • Base Width: 1075mm
  • Weight Capacity: 200kg