Prism Medical C800


The Prism Medical C800 is a bariatric lift designed for safe patient transfer. One of the strongest hoists of its class with a SWL of 364kg, the C800 makes it possible to lift or transfer patients of all sizes with respect and dignity. This unique ceiling lift guarantees a smooth and effortless transfer, while lifting up to a maximum of 364kg. For further convenience, the C800 is available in both a manual and power version. Additional features include a pneumatic hand control, power indicator on the charging module, end stop charger that is enclosed on the track, and an adjustable horizontal speed that can accommodate for four different preset settings.


  • Lift Motor 24V DC
  • A Fixed Ceiling Lift capable of lifting 364kg
  • Weighs approximately 10kg
  • Housed in a small package that has all mechanical & electrical functions as our existing fixed lifts
  • Reliable & built to withstand the activity of an institutional environment
  • Available in Manual & Power versions
  • Smaller & lighter than the previous model
  • Compatible with tracks, accessories, turntables, gates & weigh scale

Technical Specifications:

  • Max Load: 364kg
  • Lift Speed: 13mm/sec
Prism Medical C800