Ropimex Curtains – CQ Cleanique

Cleanique®: Shower curtains of the new generation. The CQ Cleanique® curtains provide hygiene to the highest degree. They are rubresistant, tear-resistant, soft and seamless. The curtains are ideal as shower curtains in healthcare and nursing facilities, in private homes, baths, saunas and wellness facilities, as well as an underlay and/or hygienic overlay for laboratories or areas with heightened hygienic requirements.


  • Available in 5 colours- velvet-white, sky blue, light green, orange, heather red.
  • Top level hygiene: thermoplastic polyether polyurethane with patented antibacterial and fungicidal active ingredient- provides lasting and reliable protection against contamination and mould, active antimicrobial effect
  • Fire safety classes: B1, DIN 4102, UL94 Class V0 (selfextinguishing)
  • Lightfast, reb-resistant, tear-resistant, attractive drape, soft feel, seamless
Width X Height in cm
CQ108100 X 80
CQ128120 X 80
CQ121140 X 120
CQ122140 X 140
CQ151170 X 120
CQ152170 X 140
CQ211220 X 120
CQ212220 X 140
CQ1218120 X 180
CQ1220120 X 200
CQ1420140 X 200
CQ1620160 X 200
CQ1820180 X 200
CQ2020200 X 200
CQ2220220 X 200
CQ2420240 X 200
CQ2720270 X 200
CQ3020300 X 200
CQ3320330 X 200