Ropimex RTI

ropimex®Telescopic arms folding down and swivelling

Ideal for intensive care units and locations that do not permit lateral swivelling of the telescopic arms. Following use of the telescopic arms, simply push together and fold down.


  • Smallest hoist of its class which allows for at least 180mm (7”) of additional lifting height
  • Quick lifting speed to reduce patient transfer times
  • Emergency pull cord. The red emergency cord disconnects power and immediately stops the hoist. Pulling and holding the emergency pull cord will lower the patient safely in the event of malfunction
  • Modular design for simplified maintenance
  • Quick change batteries for reduced service time
  • Audible low battery indicator and visual battery/charge level display
  • Digital readout. The display shows battery life, total lifts performed and total time in operation. This feature also allows the user to walk through the programming of several options. The diagnostic mode aids in trouble shooting
  • Auto shut off when not in use to conserve battery life
  • 2.2m strap vertical movement allows you to easily lift from the floor
  • Pneumatic Hand Controls. C Series pneumatic hand controls are completely waterproof and offer superior reliability
  • Found on the side of the hoist is a manual option operated by an allen key for emergency raising or lowering.
  • Available with Return to Charge option


  • RTI 2.2: 1,000-2,200 x 380-800 mm (L x H)
  • RTI 1.6: 800-1,600 x 380-600 mm (L x H)
  • RTI 1.3: 700-1,300 x 380-500 mm (L x H)