Ropimex Splash Protection System

Ropimex shower splash protection system allows, folding and swivelling. Ensuring privacy for the patient and splash protection for the nursing staff and carers. The splash protection relieves the nursing staff of having to change their clothes and thus facilitates their work. With a splash protection, several showers equipped with wall holders can then be used.


  • Privacy screen for patients
  • Splash guard for the care personnel
  • Easy to handle
  • Long life product
  • Curtain rings are included
  • Loaded Auto-release
  • TÜV certified

Technical Specifications:

  • RDSE – Splash guard arm, swing out and fold down, 100cm Recommended curtains – VH/C100, CQ108
  • RDTE – Splash guard arm, telescopic, swing out, 95cm Recommended curtains – VH/C100, CQ108
  • RDLE – Splash guard arm, L-shaped, can be used on the right and left hand side, side leg 25cm, swing out and fold down, 95cm Recommended curtains – VH/C120, CQ128
Ropimex Splash Protection System