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CHS Healthcare is the exclusive Australian distributor PLS Patient Lifting Solutions. As a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of lifting solutions for every ceiling and situation, the partnership between PLS and CHS Healthcare allows us to offer our clients some of the top mobility assistance equipment on the market.


The selection and installation of a ceiling hoist requires a thorough decision-making process with several important considerations. Advances in technology continue to make lifting solutions cheaper, safer and easier to operate. Even so, a ceiling hoist is a specialised piece of equipment that is likely to have a significant cost. Considering the level of investment required, it’s critical to assess the most important criteria involved:



The location in which the ceiling hoist will be used is critical to making the selection. Whether this is in a hospital, nursing home or domestic setting, the setting will define constraints around which type you need and the path of the track.


Condition of Patient or User

It’s vital to take both the physical and cognitive capabilities of the patient into account. The degree of assistance required by the user is certain to play a role in deciding which hoist is needed. Cognition and body condition may prevent someone from being able to use the hoist on their own at all. Depending on the setting, the hoist will be used by many individuals. In this case, multiple users should be taken into account.


Ability of Carer

In circumstances requiring more assistance, the ability of the carer to manoeuvre the patient requires thought. Most caregivers are trained for patient/user movement and handling, though this may not be the case in a domestic environment. Selecting the right equipment must be done in compliance to both the abilities of the caregiver and user. Failure to do so has the potential to cause injury to either party.


PLS ceiling hoists are one of the leading options in the country – they certainly merit consideration for any individual or organisation in the market for a lifting solution. PLS hoists utilise a unique smart software and sensor motion technology that ensures smooth motion and eliminates the need for wall switches or rail contacts. For tracked hoists, this feature is an immense benefit. Less components also reduces the likelihood that something can go wrong. PLS systems are designed for superior useability for both patients and carers. Smart features like automatic standby and compatibility with electronic spreader bars make PLS ceiling hoists some of the most advanced and reliable on the market.


PLS ceiling hoists offer excellent answers to mobility issues. When choosing a ceiling hoist, it’s important to explore your options, as making the right decision is crucial.


If you want to learn more about PLS lifting solutions, visit their website or the CHS Healthcare PLS page.

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