5 products to prevent manual handling injuries

Manually handling and lifting heavy, awkward or large loads threatens the health and wellbeing of all workers. If what you are lifting is human, that adds another dimension of risk altogether. A person’s shape, movement and how much they talk can make moving and lifting all the more difficult and hazardous. The right healthcare equipment is therefore vital in minimising these risks. For healthcare workers, there are now more options than ever regarding healthcare equipment they can choose from to aid them in their work.


Due to severe physical disabilities, some people require aid in moving within their own beds. Turning is essential as it is a preventative measure against pressure sores.

Pressure sores are areas of damage to the skin and underlying tissue caused by constant pressure or friction such as lying in one position for too long. This type of damage can develop quickly in anyone with reduced mobility. Pressure injuries can be difficult to treat and can lead to serious complications. If left untreated, a lack of adequate blood flow can cause affected tissue to die.

A TurnAid is a device that can can easily be mounted on most care beds and through moving the sheet, moves the person with care, dignity and discretion. This eliminates the risk toward the worker as they do not need to put themselves at risk by manually moving the person.

Fixed and Portable Hoists

Hoists are a great means of enabling caregivers to safely transport and handle patients. A hoist is a mechanical lifting device that can lift someone from a seated position and transfer them to another location such as a bed, chair or a bathtub. Some hoists can move individuals within a room or even between rooms. Hoists come in a variety of sizes and can lift varying levels of weight in different ways. Regardless of how caregivers need their hoist to work or within what space, CHS Healthcare will have a solution to suit their needs.

Fixed hoists are fixed to a certain location or on their tracks. This means less or no floor room is taken up by the hoist. These are great for long term or permanent use within residences or buildings and can enable carers to move people greater distances. Portable hoists allow more flexibility as they are not restricted by tracks. Portable hoists are great to be used while travelling or in short term accommodation.


Hoists are fantastic and although they are the devices that provide the power to lift, slings are the products that make lifting the person possible. Slings are essential in lifting and moving people. A good sling offers contoured support, comfort and safety. To further accommodate patient/s and caregivers, a customised sling will ensure the needs of all and their environment are met.

Change Tables and Shower Trolleys

Safe patient handling and transport in any circumstance can be difficult, adding water into the equation makes it even more so. Shower trolleys and change tables are therefore a great means of avoiding injury for caregivers and their patients. All of CHS Healthcare’s change tables and shower trolleys are height adjustable allowing caregivers to adjust them to meet their needs. Our wall mounted options can easily be folded so they are as unobtrusive as possible when not in use.

Floor and Standing Hoists

Floor hoists are a great means of aiding people in getting out of bed, chairs or up from the floor. Ultimately, they’re used for single actions such as helping someone stand or for moving across shorter distances such as to the bathroom or from the bed to a chair. These hoists do travel along the floor therefore they require sufficient floor space to move. However, they are the ideal mobility aid for effortless and safe patient transfer, repositioning and transferring people who are limited in their mobility shorter distances.

Ultimately, all of this healthcare equipment drastically reduces risk of injury for carers and those they care for. Caregiving does pose threats to one’s wellbeing and health, it is therefore vital that they take the necessary measures to protect themselves. Not doing so is irresponsible not only towards themselves, but to those they care for for they rely on them.

CHS Healthcare can meet your caregiving needs and customise solutions to ensure caregivers and those in the business of care are performing at the optimal level.  To see what CHS Healthcare can do for you, see our website at chshealthcare.com.au.