How to choose the correct floor lifters for your patients

Patients with limited mobility will use a patient lift to transport them to and from a bed, wheelchair, shower or toilet. There are a range of patient lifts that are available which are suited to meet the needs of an individual patient and carer whether they be in a hospital, nursing home or private residents.

Patient lifts have come a long way over the years in terms of safety, cost and convenience for both the patient and the caregiver. Before making a decision there are many considerations to be made that will assist all parties in the decision making process.

It is very important to consider the weight of your patient and ensure the floor hoist is able to consistently carry the patient. Floor hoists are ideal for patients who are non-weight bearing or partially weight-bearing due to reduced mobility caused by various reasons.

The following points are extremely important to consider when proposing a floor lifter:

  • Transfer Purpose and Type
  • The physical and cognitive abilities / condition of the patient
  • Ability of the carer
  • Whether the area is suited for a hoist, and if that hoist can be manoeuvred adequately within the area in which it will be used
  • Range of the boom; being able to raise the boom and sling to an adequate height is particularly relevant for taller users
  • The lower the boom will reach, the easier it is for the attendant to apply the sling to a person on the floor
  • Depending on the patient’s or facility’s individual needs, you’ll need to consider the types of positions the patient needs assistance with

Any person considering the purchase of any type of patient lifter should carefully undertake an effective environmental analysis to ensure that the most suitable patient lifter is chosen for that individual patient.

CHS Healthcare have a wide range of floor hoists that all provide relief for daily care. They are light, manoeuvrable, stable and free-standing. If you have any questions relating to specific patient or facility needs, please speak to our experienced staff, we would be more than happy to help.