All Your Questions About Our Flexi-Link Connection System Answered

At Ceiling Hoist Solutions, one of our most successful products is our Flexi-Link Connection System.

The Flexi-Link Connection System is a world first product designed, patented and manufactured by Ceiling Hoist Solutions.

Safety and easy of use are key concerns for carers when working with portable hoists.  So, CHS designed the Flexi-Link Connection System with portable hoists in mind. In less than ten seconds, you can connect your portable hoist to the ceiling rail, ready for a patient transfer.

Using the Flexi-Link Connection System is very straight-forward and safety is guaranteed with proper use. Simply use the Flexi-Link wand to connect the Flexi-Link head to the rail trolley. The head will lock automatically, and the wand detaches with a slight downward pull.  Once the patient or resident has been comfortably transferred, the connection system is easily re-attached by pushing gently upwards, unlocking the Flexi-Link Head.

The Flexi-Link connection head is the hero of this product – not only ensuring the quick and easy attachment of the hoist system, but also providing 4 safety points that eliminate fall risk, stop twisting of straps and slings, and keep the wand out of the head-collision area.

More details can be found on the training video on the Flexi-Link Page of this website.

The Flexi-Link Connection System is compatible with all CHS approved portable hoists, and makes life so much simpler in facilities with changing hoist needs, such as hospitals and hotels, as well as therapy and medical rooms.

It is tested to meet and exceed Australian Safety Standards, and has a safe working load of 300kg.

With this kind of thinking, you know that Ceiling Hoist Solutions is your first choice to supply and install your patient lifting systems.