How the CHS App Makes Life Easier

Designing a space to cater for the needs of the disabled or elderly for the home, or as part of a hospital or aged care facility can be a challenge, whether you are a builder, an architect or even a therapist.  Fortunately, CHS is always available to make recommendations about products, design and installation.

Now, getting tips from CHS is even easier.  You can find access to timely advice in the App Store for your iPhone, or at Google Play for your Android device.

The CHS App has a lot of helpful and innovative features to support your projects.  The best feature of the App is the ability to upload a photo, and ask a question.  Issues can sometimes be difficult to describe over the phone or in a quick email, but a picture says a thousand words!  Therapists can upload photos of clients and get up-to-date advice about the right equipment for that client’s needs – everything from hoists, to slings and rails.  Architects can send photos of design issues and receive experienced advice. CHS has trained designers and technical estimators on hand who specialise in all aspects of patient lifting design.  Builders can also upload photos to ask construction-based questions, such as how and where to install the right kind of rails, the supports required and even fixing methods.

CHS can respond to your queries with either a service call or an on-site visit.  You can book either one of these with the app with a simple push of a button. 

The App also gives you easy and direct access to details and specs about our many products.  

It’s great to know that a trained CHS professional is in your pocket, ready to solve any design and installation problems.  Download it now!