What is the PLR? Get your hoist:bed ratio right for your residents and staff

In order to protect carers and those who care for them, we need to ensure that the right equipment is available to staff and residents in all facilities.

CHS Healthcare works closely with hospitals, aged care providers, physiotherapists and community centres to ensure the best choice and proper installation of ceiling hoists and accessories across Australia.

In many aged care facilities, portable hoists are an excellent choice as they allow for flexibility of use.  Once the ceiling rails are installed, a portable hoist can be shared across several areas.  Our most popular and highly recommended portable hoist is the Etac Molift Nomad.  Used in conjunction with a trolley and our patented Flexi-Link Connection system, it is safe and easy to quickly and comfortably.

Over the years we receive many queries as to how many portable hoists should be used, per bed and per facility. As the appointed supplier for several Australian aged care providers, including Benetas, Baptcare, Australian Unity, Emmy Monash, Bethanie Aged Care Facilities and Australian Unity facilitues such as the renowned Carlton Wellbeing Centre, we have determined a valuable bed-to-hoist ratio that best defines a balance between staff hoist resources and patient requirements.  We call this the “PLR” (Patient Lifting Ratio).  What is the number? The optimum number of portable hoists per patient bed in a facility is 7.  This number of hoists is based upon the number we recommend is needed to allow carers to do their job safely, without having to experience gaps in patient lifting resources and allow residents or patients safe and timely care and attention.  No-one should have to wait for long periods until hoists are available.

CHS Healthcare recommends one portable Nomad hoist for every 7 bedrooms in an aged care facility.  If you are interested in finding out more about the Nomad hoist, and ensuring that your facility has the right patient lifting ratio for staff and people in care, contact CHS Healthcare today on  1300 789 420.

We recommend products and accessories to bring you up-to-date and assist with installation and training so your team knows how to use products safely and efficiently.