Carlo Classic HD Aluminium 230kg


The Carlo Classic HD Aluminium patient hoist has been developed specifically for the lifting, repositioning and transferring of residents who are limited in their mobility and weigh up to 230 kg. Due to the special construction made of aluminium and steel components, the hoist is very easy to manoeuvre but nonetheless provides the stability required for the care of heavyweight residents. The extra wide sling bow made of stainless steel is suitable for all loop slings. It is provided with a safety locking mechanism to attach the slings and is characterised by a patent-pending adjustment option to reduce rotation.


  • Light but nonetheless stable construction made of aluminium/steel
  • Extra light and easy to manoeuvre
  • Electrical height adjustment and electrically spreadable carrier frame
  • No unsettling pendular or rotational movements during lifting and transferring, with patent-pending adjustment option to reduce rotation
  • Hand with display of battery charge status control
  • Working in an ergonomic and health-orientated manner, as no manual lifting is required
  • Large and free rotating area for the resident
  • 4-point sling bow made of stainless steel, suitable for all loop slings


  • Carrier frame: 1.400mm x 125mm (L x H)
  • Inner width: 540mm (closed)
  • Outer width: 700mm (closed)
  • Total width of the lift: 700mm (carrier frame closed)
  • Lifting range: 1,400mm
  • Unit Capacity: 230kg
  • SWL: 230kg
  • Drive: 24V LINAK drive